Neutrik Cable Connectors

Neutrik 4 Pole Speakon ConnectorThis Neutrik speakon connector is a reliable connector with a quick lock locking system. Like the rest of the Neutrik products, this connector is also made of high-quality materials. It comes with a stranded wire protection for solder termination, 1-piece strain relief and chuck for 7 to 14.5 mm cable O.D. It is easy to assemble and can handle up to 50A audio signal, with a duty cycle of 50%. Its current rating is 40A rms continuous.

Guitar Setup

Gibson ES-335 Dot Plain-top CherryOne of my younger brothers is good at playing the guitar. My sister and I bought him an electric guitar a couple of years ago as his Christmas present. He was grateful to finally have an electric guitar but I am sure if he sees this guitar pictured above, he will want a new one. The guitar that we bought for him was not as fancy as that for his guitar action and desire.

Bridges & Tailpieces for Guitar

One of my younger brothers has an electric guitar. I don’t know if he already had guitar tailpieces for it. I am currently browsing at a wide selection of guitar bridges & tailpieces at guitar center seattle and this TonePros AVR-II Tune-o-matic Bridge caught my attention. The design is intriguing. It has a complete appearance of the vintage part but has many upgrades for more intonation range. The saddles are engineered in solid, preventing lift against the retainer wire.

Gold Top Les Paul Guitar

When I was still in the Philippines, I bought a guitar for my father’s church. It was a cheapo kind and I don’t know if it is still in working order. I am thinking about buying my father a better one soon. I have been browsing through Les Paul solid body electric guitars and look forward to be able to buy him a gold top les paul the next time I see him. I think his ministry deserves a Les Paul guitar :-).

Classic Microphones

A few months ago, I was asked by my father if I could buy his church a microphone. Since I live 10,000 miles away from my family, I went online shopping for a classic microphone. At first, I was planning to buy the mic here in the US and took it with me when I vacation a few weeks later. He insisted that they needed the microphone right then. Fortunately, I found a really good deal on microphones so I bought two and have them delivered door to door. That made him a happy camper.

Guitar Amplifiers

Who would like to have an orange crush amp? My brother would probably like this amp and its features but not sure with the color though. He is a little bit picky but if it has a natural color, I would probably buy him one. The price is within my range and he can do lots of close mic recording with it. It is built just like its big brothers and made of real wood.


Allora Paris Series Professional Alto Saxophone (VCH-800LE2/PSB)When talking about music, I will always opt for classics, certainly because of its class, sincerity, story and softness. Whenever I am to pick a place for a romantic occasion like a dinner date, I always opt for a restaurant which offers classical music. For me, classics are just the best! Moreover, I was surprised that classics need not to be sung always, sometimes it’s sweeter and nicer when it’s played even only with a saxophone. Thus, if ever my opinion will be sought about some restaurant ideas, I will always advice to go classic. Making wwbw is the saxophone a woodwind part of the investment because classics are definitely inviting for people in love, inspired and happy disregarding the occasion and the age.