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Affordable Hotel Items at PeachSuite

Hospitality supplies for hotels, resorts and the  food service industryWe all work hard for our money. That is the reason why we always want the best out of life. Like for instance when we stay in a hotel. Not only do we want the service to be perfect but we also want to experience all the comforts that the hotel has to offer. That is where PeachSuite comes in. They have been in business for decades providing high quality hotel equipment and hotel supply online as well as Atlanta Hotel supply for different customers. They also provide items to restaurants, resorts, catering, bed and breakfast, and health care industries. Customers can purchase products from PeachSuite in any quantity at reasonable prices.

Looking for an item is easy because everything is categorized. Product categories include Hotel Supplies, Banquet Rooms, Hotel Bar Supplies, Catering Supplies, Dining Room, Equipment, Furniture, Janitorial, Kitchen Supplies, Office, Disposable Items etc. from reputable brands such as Anchor, Riegel, Electrolux, Sony, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft Foods, Gillette, Newaire and a host of others. Although they are primarily a commercial supplier, the general public can still purchase items from them. Customers can pay through Mastercard, Visa and American Express. PeachSuite is a wholesale distributor that is why their prices are remarkably lower compared to others.

Large Alternating Oval Link Necklace

SLANE Large Alternating Oval Link Necklace in Yellow Gold, 20"I love this large alternating oval link necklace from SLANE’s Chain Collection. This is my favorite of all the necklace collection they have. It looks pretty, doesn’t it? The necklace features 18k yellow gold large oval and small ridged oval alternating with a SLANE Signature “S” clasp and measures 20 inches in length and 17mm in width. Slane also has a wide selection of sterling silver necklaces to choose from. If you are shopping for a necklace for yourself and loved one, you should check out Slane.

Early Christmas Presents

When we finally make friends with people, they up and move. It has happened four times already. Another friend is moving to New York this week. For the past few weeks, my hubby and I have been spending a lot of time with them. Last night we took them out to dinner and came back to their place. My friend gave me some of her clothes that she has outgrown, earrings, make-up, lamps, wall decor and a purse. She told me that she still has a lot of things to give me and that she would call me in the next day or two to come pick them up.

I considered all of the stuff that she gave me as early Christmas presents from her. I like all of it and the clothes fit me well. Next summer we might visit them in New York and our other friends who moved there a couple of years ago. I have been wanting to see New York and it might happen next year. This time we have a lot of reasons to go there other than just sight seeing.

Winter Clothes

I can’t make up my mind if I should start putting away the winter clothes yet. Ninety percent of the snow on the ground has already melted and it has been warmer here lately. I asked my husband if I should put away the winter clothes but he said that it is still too early to do that. He said that it is likely that we will get some more snow and freezing temperatures. Maybe I am just too anxious for the summer to get here because I was also thinking of putting my flowers outside already. You can’t blame me because I am really fed up with the long cold weather season here up north. I can’t bear it anymore.

Restrain Myself from Shopping

It has been a while since the last time I went shopping for anything besides groceries and basic necessities. I miss shopping. My hubby has no problem with me shopping but I feel like I need to cut back because I am sending a lot to my family in the Philippines.

I am just normally a very frugal shopper and don’t usually shop for fancy stuff. As a matter of fact, I like to shop at thrift stores and second hand stores like Goodwill because that is where I find the best things at really reasonable prices.

Last night I was thinking of stopping there since my hubby and I will be going to town today. After thinking about it, I decided that I would rather go with my hubby to the bank and grocery store. That way I will save money and won’t get tempted buying more shoes and clothing. I have more than what I need anyway. I just really enjoy shopping and especially getting a great bargain on something whether I need it or not :-). But now I need to be practical about spending money and try to restrain myself a little bit.