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Real Estate Agent Apps

Real estate agents busy with meeting clients and scheduling a ton of activities to fit within the day can find a friend in a real estate app which is very easy to use. It works in providing you with everything you need, something that you will easily understand. You simply have to set it up on your gadget and it’s good to go within 30 minutes. It is so simple that you won’t have to go through several tutorial lessons to be a pro in how it is used. Simple yet power packed with everything you need, this app can help you schedule your tasks and get everything done within the day.

Software Security Solutions

My husband recently picked up a virus on his computer. He was really angry when his computer quit working. He lost a lot of files including my immigration application copies, his engineering work, pictures and other important data. It took him almost two weeks to get his computer back up and running with all his software reloaded. Unfortunately, he didn’t recover all the files that had been lost. If he would have a reliable computer security software, that incident might have been prevented. It thought him a big lesson because he had never had a problem like that before and has now decided that he definitely needs to get some virus protection for his computer.

New Keyboard

I got myself a new keyboard from Walmart. It is a Logitech Keyboard K120. For the price of $12, I could not go wrong. I have needed a new keyboard for sometime but was not in a rush to buy one until I saw a good deal. I had been using an old spare keyboard from one of my hubby’s old computers. The keys did not work well and it was too big for my small hands.

My hubby had asked if I wanted a new keyboard sometime ago but I did not say much because I thought that keyboards were expensive. Little did I know that I could get a good one for $12. I am happy that I now have a new keyboard that better fits my hands, has soft touch keys and in a color that I like. If my hubby had not been looking for an external CD/DVD writer at the store, I probably would not have seen the deal on the new keyboard.

I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to replace things until they are completely worn out. When it comes to something like computer hardware that I use everyday, it is nice to have a back-up item ready to replace if something that goes wrong. Keyboards in particular are the kind of item that can quickly go bad. My husband ruined one once when he spilled a cup of coffee on it.

A Little Bit of Relief

Yesterday I felt a little bit of relief from my computer troubles. For some reason, my yahoo messenger desktop icon suddenly started working again. I was just playing around with it and the window opened up. I did not expect it because it had been almost a week since it was working properly. Every time I tried clicking on it all I would get was an error message. I was worried that I would never be able to use my web cam or other features again because of the problems with my computer. Now the only thing I can do is hope for the best that someday I will be able to get it working properly again. It has been really frustrating for me but at least my computer is still workable and is not totally fouled up.