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Dorm Décor & Beds

Decorating a dormitory room can be a complex challenge – there is generally a limited amount of space and a lot of stuff to store, which means lavish dorm room décor worthy of a design devotee or fashion maven is not realistic. It sometimes makes you wonder why the popular home makeover shows never feature a dorm room do over – this would be something quite useful for parents and kids alike.

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Since parents are generally charged with being the voice of reason and they usually foot the bill, it’s a good idea to get started on the right foot with plenty of planning and preparation. A good place to begin is with the college issued checklist which will indicate what items are provided (bed, desk and dressers for example), what items are prohibited, what goods might be recommended or optional. Use this list as a starting point but also be sure to go to the websites of the major bed and bath stores you know and trust – most offer digital checklists and many will even deliver goods directly to the dorm. This can be a blessing for those with small cars or when the student is going to arrive at school by plane, train or bus.

Digital checklists also make it easy to coordinate with new roommates and for parents and kids alike to compare choices and design ideas on the go. Bedding is a big issue in any dorm room and the prospect of leaving the old canopy or bunk bed behind may be more traumatic than you think. It’s a good idea to let your child select the bedding ensemble that makes them feel comfortable and at ease; you can always encourage them to choose something machine washable and easy to care for, or point out the benefits of a reversible quilt or comforter.