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Mushrooms in the Woods

My hubby and I went to a blueberry patch to pick some wild mushrooms. When my hubby told me that he found gallons of mushrooms in the woods I thought he was just exaggerating. We were still on our way to the blueberry patch but I could already see mushrooms popping up everywhere along the trail. No wonder my hubby brought another big bucket, a much bigger bucket than what I had brought.

In about a half hour time we took home two full big buckets of mushrooms. I couldn’t believe it. I want to go back to pick more and freeze them. My hubby and I both like mushrooms and since they are free why not stock up. As a matter of fact I just had some mushrooms in my meal today that my hubby had picked in our backyard. My hubby cooked the mushrooms that he picked from behind our house with beef steak. It was so good.

By the way if you are concerned about the fact that many wild mushrooms are deadly poisonous it is not really dangerous to eat them if you know what you are looking for. We have a book that describes thousands of different kinds of mushrooms but the ones that we pick and eat are all from a family called boletes. They are easy to differentiate from other mushrooms because underneath the cap they look like a sponged. All other mushrooms have gills underneath. The boletes are almost all really good to eat and only one easy to differentiate species is slightly poisonous.

Stocking Food

We have been stocking food since late last year. When my hubby read online that the price of basic commodities would go up because of the inflation, right away we bought lots of bags of rice, beans and lentils. Yesterday, we bought four ten pound bags of chicken that was on sale and stocked up the freezer. Fortunately we have a big refrigerator and a chest freezer so we don’t need to go to the store every week for our grocery shopping. It’s a big advantage for us to have a big freezer because we live twenty five miles from the grocery store. We buy bulk foods when possible, especially if there’s a big sale.

Family Night Out

 photo DSC_0053_zps5d6089d4.jpg

 photo DSC_0060_zpsbc7bb7a3.jpg

My hubby’s daughter and grand daughter came to visit us over the weekend. We got to spend time with them from Thursday to Sunday. We went fishing and had fine dining at a nearby restaurant. Above are some of the food we ate that night.  Prime rib was almost everyone’s main coarse.  I was the only one that ordered a different dish and that was mignon steak with colossal shrimp.

Hubby’s First Christmas in Phil.



My hubby enjoyed his first holiday celebration in the Philippines even though we both got sick several times. Christmas is also my father’s birthday so it is always a dual celebration for our family. Along with my sister and her family from Germany, my cousin and her kids from Guam were able to spend a few hours with us on Christmas day as well. Usually, during this kind of occasion, we roast a pig but this time we did not because we just had one the week before. My father threw a Thanksgiving party for us the day after my sister, my niece and my brother in-law arrived. Since we still had a lot of roasted pig left over at that time, my folks decided to butcher the only goat they had left. My cousin cooked some delicious goat recipes and one of them was goat afritada.

Craving for Dried Fish

I am anxious for our upcoming trip to Fargo on Monday. It means that I can go shopping again at the Asian store. This time I will buy a few packs of dried anchovies. That should be enough to last me until my trip to the Philippines. I know that when I get to the Philippines I can eat as much as dried fish as I want but I can’t wait. Hopefully that will be in less than a month but I can’t wait that long to have some dried fish. I have been having a really strong craving for it.

Dining Out

My hubby and I did not have plans to dine out today. It was a last minute decision on my part. I was asking him for a fourth anniversary celebration of my arrival here in the US. He was laughing when I asked him about that. He did not say yes right away but I kept pushing him and telling him that we should celebrate my arrival. He said that I was just always looking for a reason to have a celebration. The actual date was yesterday but since we decided to go to town today, I grabbed the opportunity.


Early this afternoon my sister in-law called us. She invited us for a dinner at their place. It’s kind of a family practice that we dine together when my brother in-law from Illinois comes up here. We don’t do this often because they are a busy couple either visiting their daughter in Wisconsin or their other daughter in California. Sometimes my sister in-law works at the state park as a tour guide and her husband is a traveling salesman, so we seldom see each other. I believe last month we did not see them even though we live just two miles away from each other.

She made roast beef which is my favorite American dish, potato and carrots and brownies for desert. Just a simple dinner but the food was all great. I was all filled up, and then we hung around for awhile and watched football games on their big screen television.