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Blueberry Festival

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My favorite thing during the blueberry festival is of course the freebies :-). I like the idea of competing with other people grabbing the candies. I also like the colorful costumes and the floats. This year’s blueberry festival was I think that shortest parade I have ever witnessed. There were not many business establishments participated in the said festivities but I still enjoyed watching the parade though.

Fishing or Shopping?

Earlier today my hubby asked me when I wanted to go grocery shopping. Then later in the afternoon he asked me if I wanted to go fishing tomorrow. I would prefer to go shopping because I would only be out of the house for a couple of hours unlike fishing. When we go fishing we usually spend most of the day out on the lake. I also want to go fishing so I can relax.

Fishing is an ideal way to relax, especially after a long and stressful week at work. Right now, I am weighing the options but I guess we will just go fishing tomorrow. We will have to put our grocery shopping off maybe until the middle of next week. I can’t go grocery shopping on Saturday because I will have a lot of work to catch up on with my blogging and Sunday is our rest day.