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Vikings Head Coach Was Fired!

I am a Vikings fan but yesterday I did not watch their game against the Packers because their play has been terrible lately. I only watched bits and pieces. Fans in Mall of America Field were chanting “Fire Brad Childress!”. After the Vikings 31-3 lost to the Packers at home, Vikings head coach, Brad Childress, was fired this morning. I am not a fan of Childress but I feel sorry for him knowing that there are a lot of people who have already lost their jobs because of these tough economic times. My hubby said that I don’t need to worry about Brad Childress because he still has a multi-million dollar contract and can just stay home, drink beer and watch football. Leslie Frazier has been named interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

Vikings Big Comeback Win

I am a Vikings fan but lately I was avoiding watching their games because I can’t take the losses. I didn’t like the way they had been playing recently. The normally reliable defense had been shaky, especially when the game was on the line. They had been giving up a lot more yardage and touchdowns than last year. The offense had been having a lot of problems with fumbles and interceptions. They had been outdoing their opponents in every category except the score and turnovers.

Again the Vikings had outplayed the Cardinals in the first half but ended up down 10-14 due to a kick off return for a touchdown and a two minute drill by the Cardinals that ended in a touchdown when the Vikings defense let them drive right down the field. It might have been even worse. Earlier in the game Brett Favre threw a pick to Kerry Rhodes that looked like it would be taken all the way back for a touchdown. Vikings wide receiver Greg Camarillo hustled down the field and forced a fumble at the three yard line that bounced through the end zone for a touchback.

It was looking like it was going to be another ugly game for the Vikings when Percy Harvin fumbled the ball on the second half kick off resulting in another Cardinals touchdown. The Cardinals added a field goal in the third quarter that made the score 24-10. It was into the fourth quarter when the Vikings offense came alive behind the passing of Brett Favre, catching of Percy Harvin and running of Adrian Peterson. Wide receiver Bernard Berrian also had his best game since becoming a Viking.

Adrian Peterson scored the first of the comeback points which also seem to bring the defense alive. The final score in regulation was a pin-point pass to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe that tied the score in the last seconds of the game.

The Cardinals won the coin flip for the overtime but the Vikings defense stepped up to the plate and stopped them immediately on a three and out. Favre then drove the team down the field and his buddy from Green Bay, kicker Ryan Longwell, finished the game off with a 35 yard field goal.

The Vikings have had several heart breaking close losses this year and this was a really big win for them. They have one game at home left with the Packers and two left against the Bears. If they can start playing the way they did last year and win those three games they will be right back in the middle of the NFC central race. Good luck Vikings!

Interesting Vikings QB

I have seen Joe Webb playing football for the Vikings twice since the preseason started. I find him to be very a interesting player to watch. He was originally drafted by the Vikings as a wide receiver but was then converted to quarterback after having been seen by the coaches throwing the football at training camp.

The way he played in the past two preseason games has shown that he has great potential and all the athletic skills needed to be a great quarterback. This guy has a great arm and is incredibly elusive running the ball. He is big, strong, fast and shifty. He threw a really nice touch down pass in his first game against the Rams and ran 45 yards for a touchdown in his second game against the 49ers.

He seems to be an incredible raw athletic talent. He could be the future Vikings franchise quarterback when Brett Favre finally does retire. When I first heard that he was a wide receiver converted to quarterback I was kind of…whattt???. It will be fun to watch him develop over the next few years. He is a really exciting player and I am hoping that his conversion to quarterback works out for the Vikings.

Twins- Sole Possesion of First Place

The Twins are currently in sole possession of first place in the American League Central Division. They are now three games on top of the Chicago White Sox who are now in town for a three game series. I will be staying up late online to get the latest updates of the games because I can’t get it on any channel available on our TV. My hubby, I am sure, will definitely be watching as well. He is now a big baseball fan after I influenced him a few years ago.

I am rooting for the Twins of course. It is my home state baseball team. I am hoping that they will win this series. They won the last face off at the White Sox ball park last week two games to one. Hopefully it will be a dejavu all over again or much better if the Twins can sweep them. This will be a good series to watch. Who do you think will win? Let us find out starting tonight.

Little Giants

My hubby recorded this movie on our digital video recorder almost a month ago now but we did not watch it until last night. Every time my hubby asked me about which movie I wanted to watch I passed on the Little Giants. I am a big football fan but for some reason I just did not feel like watching that movie at the time. We had already watched all of the other movies that had been recorded on the DVR and the Little Giants was the only one left. I thought it would be a silly kids movie and only decided to watch it because it was the only we had left.

It turned out to be a big surprise for me. I found it funny and very enjoyable. Most of the kids were really good actors and I found myself laughing out loud for most of the movie. It was a great movie for the whole family and a great tension reliever for me.

Big Comeback Win Twins

My hubby told me that I am a fair weather baseball fan because I don’t like to watch my favorite baseball team when they are losing. I somewhat agree with him but win or lose I am still a baseball fan. The reason I don’t like to watch them when they are losing is that it makes me sad and depressed.

Yesterday when my hubby asked me if I wanted to watch the game with him, I said no with no hesitation. I prioritized working on my blogs instead but as soon as I finished I joined him.

The Twins were leading through the fifth inning but that changed when the White Sox got four runs in the sixth. Through the eighth inning the Twins had several chances to come back but couldn’t get the guys home. From the look of the game, I really thought that the White Sox were going to win. They only needed to get three more outs to win the game.

The score was 6-3 when the Twins came to bat in the bottom of the ninth. The White Sox ace closer, Bobby Jenks, had been burned by the Twins before. Maybe that was in the back of his mind when he gave up three walks and a couple of hits before being pulled by the White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. The White Sox didn’t even record one out before the Twins scored their fourth run, a bloop hit by Delmon Young, that gave the Twins their first come from behind walk-off win in their new stadium, Target Field.

Temperature Has Cooled Off

The weather here in northern Minnesota has cooled off a little bit these past few days. When I got up this morning it was only 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a bit cooler than the past few weeks. Temperatures had been scorching hot. At one point I told my husband that I was ready for the winter to come. He couldn’t believe that he would hear such a thing from me because I am from the Philippines and am used to warm weather.

I can’t bear the hot and humid weather anymore. I almost fainted recently when we were out in the boat fishing in 95 degree weather and sun. I guess I have acclimatized myself to the weather here in the North Country.

A cool front passed through a couple of days ago and the temperatures have dropped down considerably. I find it more comfortable now, especially when sleeping at night. That way I can cuddle up with my husband without both of us sweating and feeling hot & cranky.