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I Need a Break

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I need a break.  I would love to go somewhere even for a short vacation.  A lot of things have happened lately and I have been very stressed out.  If I could, I would like to go on a vacation in Europe.  I would like my husband and I to go with my sister, my niece and my brother in-law to Bulgaria.  Unfortunately, that won’t be happening anytime soon as we have a lot of things to take care of right now.  Looking at the pictures of the resort that my brother in-law sent make me want to hop in the plane right now.  They will be staying for two weeks at Sunset Resort.  I told my three year old niece to take a lot of pictures for me and she said “uuhhhmmm” :-).  She has her own camera and likes to take pictures, that would enhance her passion.


One of our checked bags ended up in Frankfurt, Germany (that’s what they said). We arrived at our destination on the night of Wednesday, May 20th. We didn’t get our bag until Saturday morning. My hubby’s two pairs of shoes were in there and all of our toiletries. Traveling is always an adventure for my hubby and I. When we fly we always seem to have some kind of problem like delayed or cancelled flights or lost baggage. Maybe we are the unlucky ones but we always managed to make it through somehow.