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Lunch Bags

Dino Stephen Joseph Personalized Lunch BoxMy nephew’s birthday is coming up. As of this writing, I haven’t made up my mind yet what the perfect gift for him would be. A personalized lunch bag might be the right choice since he is now going to school. I am currently browsing through a wide selection of personalized lunch bags at The Crazy Dazy. This Dino Stephen Joseph Lunch Box is cute and I think he will like it.

To All You Pet Lovers Out There

Spizzles Grade A AntlersWhen it comes to your pet’s prescription medications, consider entirelypets. Many customers turn to them because they provide low lost and high quality medications. I don’t have a pet but my brother and sister in-law have a dog. I will mention EntirelyPets the next time I see them because they might need flea and tick medications for their dog. EntirelyPets offers free shipping on orders over $85.

Phone Call

I did not expect to received a phone call from one of my friend this afternoon telling me that there will be a birthday party this coming Sunday. I did not even recognized her voice because it was the first time she called me on the phone. After I hanged up the phone, I told my husband about the invitation and I asked him if we can attend the party. Guess what he said, absolutely “yes” because the food are so yummy, they are a great cook.

Just Turned 4 Years Old

 photo kk_original_zps77789ba9.jpgMy niece is really growing very fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when she was born. Look at her now, she is in kindergarten and enjoying the pre-school. She just turned four years old and on her birthday she told her mother ” mama I am now four years old so don’t give me any problems, ok?” My sister couldn’t believe she heard that from her daughter and yes, she is something else. She thinks differently for her age. On her fourth birthday, she wanted to receive a purple guitar and that wish was granted by her father.

Others Can Have So Many While I Can’t :-(

I was jealous when I stumbled across an article online about a woman from Arizona who naturally conceived quintuplets and recently welcomed five newborn babies into their family. She was very blessed to be able to conceived those babies without fertility drugs. The quintuplets will join the family with a 7-year-old sister, 3-year-old brother and twin 1-year-old brothers. All the children were given a name starting with the letter “D”. There are two boys and three girls in the quintuplets and the biggest of the quints was 2 lbs and 15 ounces. From my own standpoint, children are indeed a blessing from God. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed in that area yet? My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for more than four years now and we are still unlucky. I guess, the saying “life is unfair” is definitely true. Some can have so many while others can’t even have one.

I want to have as many children as God will bless me with. I am not losing my hope yet but I am hoping that my time will come very soon. On my side of the family, my cousin has twins (a boy and a girl) and on my hubby’s side, his niece has twins, also a boy and a girl. It means that I have a chance to conceive multiple births naturally but the time has not come my way yet.

Daylight Savings

The local time here has just changed to daylight savings time. That means that the spring season is just around the corner. I have been enjoying the warm weather that we have been getting here up north for three days now. A few days ago, my hubby and I sat out on our deck for the very first time since last October. The sun feels really nice on the skin. The snow is slowly melting and hopefully we won’t be getting anymore snow this season.

I am excited to start working on my garden. If the warm weather continues, I will be able to start my gardening soon. Before we know it, the fishing season opener will be here. I can’t wait to go out fishing on the lake. My hubby and I will do a lot of fishing this year. Last year, we did not get much fishing in because my hubby was sick. This year, I think we will get to fish a lot more because he is feeling a lot better. I want to bring some fish to my sister in Colorado next summer. I am really getting excited about the upcoming outdoor activities.

Enjoying the Nice Weather

I am enjoying the nice weather we have been getting lately. I have been sun bathing the past couple of days and it felt really good on the skin. Finally after more than five months of coping with the frigid cold temperatures we are getting some really nice days. I will definitely get enjoy the nice weather when I get there in the Philippines. Too bad my hubby is not going with me in this trip :-(. It would be more fun if he was there with me.